Alabastine drying, sizing - 10 litres

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Has the suction effect of the substrate and prevents color differences. 10-liter bucket. The price includes transportation fee due to the weight and / or volume of the product.

This quick-drying primer provides a better and uniform paint coverage. After 3 hours the surface paintable, so you can quickly.

  • After only three hours paintable
  • Provides better and uniform paint coverage
  • Prevent incitement and color differences
  • Provides efficient use of latex and fabric paint


  • Prevent incitement and color differences.
  • Provides a better and more even coverage of paint.
  • Ensures a lower consumption of wall or fabric paint.
  • Provides optimum adhesion; prevents bladders and release of the paint.
  • Penetrates deep into the substrate.
  • Dust dry after about 30 minutes.
  • Quick drying: Recoatable after 3 hours (at 20 ° C) with all types of paint.
  • Dries clear.
  • Consumption: approx 10 m² per liter. depending on ground conditions

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