Bison seal up white - 280 ml.

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High-quality, universal sealant based innovative polymer technology. Sleeve 280 ml.

High-quality, universal sealant based innovative polymer technology. Permanently elastic, paintable, for all materials and surfaces. Ideal for connecting joints, sanitary joints, expansion joints, glazing joints and filling cracks.

All seals inside and outside, in wet and dry conditions. For joints along inter alia, door and window frame, sill, skirting, stairs, bath, shower, sink, wall tile, countertop, wall, ceiling and floor. Also suitable for expansion joints and glazing joints with single or insulating (double) glass. Also suitable for the shrink-free filling cracks and small holes.

Excellent adhesion to almost all (building) materials such as concrete, stone, plaster, plasterboard, glazed surfaces, ceramics, enamel, tiles, glass, metals (such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, chromium), (painted), wood and many plastics (including acrylic baths, polystyrene (foam), PVC, ABS, PC).


  •     paintable
  •     permanently elastic
  •     ultimate adhesion to all surfaces (even on wet surfaces)
  •     impervious to mold
  •     shrink
  •     easily processable
  •     indoor and outdoor use
  •     acid-free
  •     UV, weather and chemical resistant
  •     Temperature range from -40 ° C to + 90 ° C
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