Bison silicone sealant construction grey

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    High-quality neutral, permanently elastic, water resistant silicone sealant for all construction seals. Packaging 310 ml.

    For the sealing of moving joints, dilatation and wall joints, seams and cracks in the construction, property, car, boat and caravan. Ideal for plastics (PVC door and window frames, polycarbonate and plexiglas domes), stone and masonry and (sensitive) metals (copper, zinc, iron, aluminum, brass, stainless steel).

    Universal adhesion without primer on all common construction materials such as concrete, stone, natural stone, ceramic, enamel, glass, metal, rubber, wood and plastics (acrylic, PVC, ABS, polystyrene, polyester). No adhesion on bitumen, polyethylene, polypropylene, and P. T. F. E.

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