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Bison superschuim - 400 ml.

Polyurethane foam with a large uitzettingsvermogen. Sealing, filling, insulating, adhesive and mount it with one product. Ideal for hard to reach places. Aerosol can of 400 ml.

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Suitable for quick and easy sealing, insulating and filling of larger seams, joints, connections, cracks and holes against heat loss, cold, draught, noise and moisture, inside and out. Such as wall joints in partition walls with ceilings and walls themselves, stelruimtes between window or door frames and the wall, aansluitnaden of cams, decks, chimneys and dormer windows, penetrations of pipes, tubes, cables, and electrical cables. Bonding of insulation panels. Mounting elektriciteitsdozen and window frames, doors, and windows. Filling of hollow spaces. Create models and modellandschappen.
EAN-code 8710439027562
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