Cépé antiekwas dark - 380 ml.

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A good old-fashioned wax manufactured to old Dutch recipe. Recommended by antique dealers. Protects and beautifies the color of the furniture, floors e.d. Packaging 380 ml.

European antique wax. Good old-fashioned wax manufactured to old Dutch recipe and recommended by antique dealers. Choice of antiekwas for dark and for light woods.

The was for dark wood in combination with with Cépé European Antique Stain (antiekbeits) no. 5 or no. 15 to untreated bare wood an antique geloogd appearance. For a colored effect on the light woods, then the first roughing with CéPé European Antique colored stain. Also suitable as a general onderhoudswas.

The antiekwas with a cloth or brush, apply thinly and uniformly on a clean, dust-free surface. Let it dry well and then powerful uitborstelen and rub. Tip: for an extra shine you need the surface to be cleaned with a nylonkous about a brush.

Content 380 ml is sufficient for 5 - 7 m².

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