HG against nasty odors in sportswear

Wasmiddeltoevoeging against the control of unpleasant odors in sportswear. Good for addition to approximately 16 washes. Packaging of 500 grams.

Nasty odors in sportswear due to sweat during sports, or because these clothing for too long in the gym bag, laundry basket, or after the wet wash in the washing machine, with only a hoofdwasmiddel not removed properly. These unpleasant smells will be observable as soon as the washed clothes, ironed or worn.

HG wasmiddeltoevoeging against nasty odors in sportswear is a highly effective formula which stankmoleculen, deep in the fibers are penetrated, however, be effectively removed. This product is therefore ideal for the thorough removal of unwanted substances from, for example, towels that despite a normal wash is not really fresh smell anymore. Dosing your hoofdwasmiddel as usual. The closure of HG against nasty odors in sportswear is to use as a measuring cup, fill it to maatring 25ml and add this to the hoofdwasmiddel.

Good for the addition to ca. 16 washing machine or handwasbeurten.

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