HG behangverwijderaar

For quickly solving all types of wallpaper glue. Very economical in use. Bottle of 500 ml.

No more messing around with the steam and shredded wallpaper. HG behangverwijderaar is a supergeconcentreerd, very powerful tool, that is capable of all types of wallpaper glue fast to solve, making all kinds of wallpaper off ‘fly’. And that in all jobs!

HG behangverwijderaar is very economical in use, één bottle of 500 ml is good for the removal of 100 to 200 m² wallpaper. Washable-water-repellent-, vinyl - or metaalbehang advance open be sanded with coarse sandpaper. At afstripbaarbehang, advance to first remove only the top layer. Paper and other absorbent wallpapers have no pretreatment is necessary.

Mix, depending on the to remove behangsoort, the prescribed amount of HG behangverwijderaar in 10 litres of water. Apply this dilution to a garden spray pump, spray bottle, blokkwast or sponge. Moisten the wallpaper, to a large extent and allow 5 to 15 minutes. Then, create a starting point by a corner to loosen, possibly with the help of a behangafsteker or putty knife. After this time remove the by-and-by wet wallpaper as much as possible in all jobs. To do so, make use of a behangafsteker or putty knife.

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