HG blacker than black speciaalwasmiddel for the dark was

To become pale dark textiles as new to look. Visible results already after a few washings. Pot of 500 grams.

As black, or other dark textiles no separate wasbehandeling, it will be because of the wear, wash and dryer fading. Vaalheid of textiles created by thousands of small vezeltjes separation from the fabric. This tiny vezeltjes ensure that you are not directly on the fabric looks, but that the view on the substance is clouded. The visual effect of this cloudiness is vaalheid. The so-called “pills” of textile materials is caused by a clot of this tiny vezeltjes.

if you use HG blacker than black special detergent for dark was will prevent this vezeltjes accumulate and that pills arise. Dark textiles which have already become pale, washed with HG blacker than black to go again look like new. (This result is well visible after a few washings.)

The inside of the cap is to use as a measuring cup. Fill the measuring cup with the powder until the desired volume level. Add this amount of powder to the hoofdwasmiddelbakje. Set the temperature of the wash programme in accordance with the washing instructions of the garment, with a maximum temperature of 60°C. may, If desired, fabric softener will be added in the wasverzachterbakje.

HG blacker than black is also for the handwash to use. Please fill the cap to maatring 40 ml and dissolve the contents into 5 litres of lukewarm water. Then the laundry is soaking and about 3 hours to soak and then gently wash it off with lukewarm water. The laundry squeeze, possibly centrifugation and then let dry.

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