HG drain stench remover

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Thoroughly removes pollution caused by drain stench, which makes the drain smell fresh again. Good for 10 treatments. Bottle of 500 grams.

HG drain stench remover easily makes a smelly drain in the kitchen or bathroom smell good again. The drain may smell bad in your kitchen or bathroom because pollution contaminates itself against the sides of the drain. This product removes the pollution that causes this smell, so that the drain smells fresh again. The product is good for 10 treatments.

Dispense 50 grams (5 feet) grains of HG drain stench remover directly into the drain. Let this soak for half an hour and then rinse thoroughly with a lot of hot water. If you spill the product, remove it directly with water. Please do not use the product when the dishwasher is running. As a result, the grains are washed away prematurely, which negatively affects the operation.

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