HG frituurpanreiniger

For the quick fix of solid, caked-on and fired cooking oil. Explores the deep fryer, the lid and the basket. Bottle of 500 ml.

Fat is stubborn because of the heat inbrandt, aankoekt and again solidifies. HG frituurpanreiniger is a balanced product that solidified, caked and fired frying oil rapidly dissolves but the deep frying pan, lid and basket are not affected.

Make the deep frying pan is completely empty and wipe the remnants of fat away with a paper towel. Dose, then 250 ml of liquid in the pan and coat, using a brush, frituurvetaanslag on the lid and other parts which are not in the pan, in with pure product. After about 10 minutes, these surfaces, rinse with plenty of hot water. Then the pure product, in the pan, add hot water from the faucet, to the frituurmandje and the upper rind in the pan completely under water and allow at least 15 minutes. If the fat is completely detached, the contents can be washed away by the sink and the pan and the basket and rinse it thoroughly with warm water and dry.

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