HG glasreiniger concentraat

Cleans and degreases without streaks and intense. Contains no ammonia or alcohol and is pH-neutral. 500 ml bottle, good for at least 35 washes.

HG window cleaner is a supergeconcentreerd product that absolutely streak-free and intensely clean and degreased, but not ammonia or methylated spirit contains. This product is not for nothing that the professional window cleaners use. HG window cleaner meets all professional requirements and even more, because this product is pH-neutral, allowing the paint, lacquer and plastic is not affected and also very mild to the hands.HG window cleaner is very economical in use, because één bottle of 500 ml is good for at least 35 raamwasbeurten.

Dosing 15 ml HG window cleaner in half a bucket of lukewarm water. It Was, for the best results, the windows by means of circular movements. Create, with the help of a squeegee, the overlapping strips at the droogtrekken and dry the blade with a cloth before re-convert. Was the windows, never in direct sunlight. For highly polluted areas, it may be HG window cleaner be used undiluted. Apply an amount of this product onto a sponge and dab the contaminated place. Let soak and then with water.

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