HG green slime remover 1 liter.

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    Removes the algae from patios, paths, walls, roofs, sleepers, terra cotta pots, tombstones, etc. Bottle of 1 litre.

    HG green Stain remover removes the well-known grey green veil, or better said the growth of algae, terraces, paths, walls, roofs, sleepers, terra cotta pots, tombstones, etc. After the application is the growth of algae within 36 hours gone. The cleaner is in the surface which makes the material for a few months is protected against algae. Obviously, HG green Stain remover not harmful to grass and plants. HG green Stain remover must when the weather is dry and preferably in a period in which the first 2 days no rain is expected. HG green aanslagreiniger problems in a ratio of 1:20 with water, or a quarter of a bottle in a half a bucket of water. Apply the solution with a watering can, hard broom or spray bottle. Because HG green Stain remover no harmful substances leave behind, does not need to be sprayed. After treatment the surface for months, perfectly protected against the growth of algae.

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