HG hygienic whirlpool cleaner

For the hygienic cleaning of your jacuzzi. Also works against caked dirt and any odor sources. Bottle of 1 litre.

During and after the use of the whirlpool in the internal system of bacterial growth and caking of pollution by lime, soap and oil. When there is not regularly cleaned, the whirlpool function less well and eventually broken. Also, there may be an unpleasant odor.

HG hygiëtechnical and whirlpool cleaner is developed on the basis of natural raw materials and cleans the whirlpool system hygiëis technically and safely and without risk to the internal system or the environment. Also caked-on dirt and, if present, odor sources be easily removed. Regular use of HG hygiëtechnical and whirlpool cleaner extends the life of the whirlpool.

Fill the whirlpool with hot water up to 5cm above the highest openings of the water or luchtjets. Dosing 50 to 75 ml of HG hygiëtechnical and whirlpool cleaner directly in the bath. Set the system in operation and leave it for 15 minutes of work. Let the bath drain and rinse with clean water. To building to avoid contamination of the treatment, depending on the use of the whirlpool, één times in the 2 &after; 3 weeks. For whirlpools with an internal semi-automatic or fully automatic cleaning system of the internal-bacterial cleaning system fill with HG hygiëtechnical and whirlpool cleaner. Then follow the instructions of your whirlpool.

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