HG primer leather paint

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Leather paint primer is used as a pre-treatment for the application of the Leather paint and ensures optimum adhesion of the Leather paint. Bottle of 200 ml.

Thanks to the revolutionary new die technology of the HG leather paint concept makes you in 4 steps a whole new sofa or chair! Your leather furniture a second life award is thanks to HG leather paint for furniture now is not difficult anymore, but even as simple as abc!

The result is stunning: the flexibility and appearance of the leather are not 'new' to distinguish. The HG leather paints have a huge bonding strength, are very strong and therefore resistant to dirt, stains and damage.

Any damage to the leather, such as, for example, cracks, holes, scratches and other imperfections such as craquelé you can easily repair it yourself using HG leather repairer for furniture. Make your leather furniture first clean with rubbing alcohol, use a clean cloth and clean with circular motions.

Repair and then any damage with the help of HG leather repairer for furniture. Then apply HG leather paint primer for good adhesion of the HG leather paint , after which the seat can be painted with HG leather paint for furniture.

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