HG natural stone cleaner feeding

    Fresh smelling, concentrated and nourishing dweilreiniger, developed specifically for the stone to clean and feed, which retains its original appearance. Packaging of 1 litre.

    HG “natural stone cleaner feeding” (HG product 49) is a freshly scented, concentrated and nourishing (moisturizing) dweilreiniger, specially designed to work with any dweilbeurt the natural stone is not only perfectly clean but also to feed (to moisturize), so the natural stone are not skimpy and retains its original appearance. This dweilreiniger is suitable for both untreated as ge’mpregneerd or crystallized marble and all other types of natural stones.

    Dissolve 50 ml (half a cup) in half a bucket (5 L) of lukewarm water. . With increased pollution can choose to use a stronger solution made up to 100 ml (1 cup) in half a bucket of lukewarm water. Then the floor mops or mop with a with a well wrung-out mop or floor cloth and regularly rinse well in the made solution. The floor do not rinse or mop up afterwards of themselves and let it dry. 1 liter is good for up to 20 dweilbeurten.

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