HG rust stains remover

For removing rust on metal, ceramic tiles, concrete, wood and stone. Bottle of 500 ml.

HG rust stains remover removes rust stains and other oxidatievlekken from ceramic tiles, roof tiles, concrete, marble and other natural stone, but also wood. Contains no acids and is therefore absolutely safe for marble, limestone, engineered stone e.a. calcareous stone.

Use HG rust stains remover on a dry surface. Spray HG rust stains remover on the oxidation or staining, so that it is completely covered with liquid. There will be a discoloration to occur, which in ijzerroest purple. Let the product 5 minutes. The exposure time can be extended to 15 minutes, but avoid indroging. Syringe if necessary in the interim with more product on the stain or oxidation. After the introduction of the liquid with a tissue or a cloth. Rinse, before the treated surface is dry, always thoroughly with a copious amount of water until the stains are gone.

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