HG silver & copper never-more-Polish-finish

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    Makes for an absolutely invisible and non-tangible beschermfinish that the oxidation of the metal objects prevents. This removes tarnish and discoloration occur. Spray 200 ml.

    The attack on silver and copper, which ensures that this precious metal is dull and darker, is an oxidation. This oxidation occurs by the action of oxygen and moisture in the air. With HG silver & copper never-more brush-finish is an absolutely invisible and non-tangible beschermfinish made that this action prevents. This removes tarnish and discoloration, for example, your chandelier or antique teapot prevent. HG silver & copper never-more-Polish-finish is also suitable for brass and bronze.

    Dirt, greasy deposits and remains of silver - and koperpoets remove with a detergent solution, and then leave it to dry well. HG silver & copper never-more-Polish-finish shake well before use. Keep the bus upright and spray -not too thick - about 20 cm away, in even jobs on the surface. HG silver & copper never-more-Polish - finish, if you wish to remove with acetone.

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