HG smudgesalt extra strong

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    Removes even stubborn stains from the laundry. Suitable as an addition to all detergents: powder or liquid. Pot of 500 grams.

    After washing, there may still be stains in the laundry sit in advance were not noted. So add to each wash HG vlekkenzout extra strong to the hoofdwasmiddel. By ingredientsëingredients like enzymes and ox gall is the was guaranteed wél good clean. HG vlekkenzout is suitable as an addition to all the detergents, both powder and liquid. Also suitable for both the white as for the colour bonte was, at all temperatures.

    The inside of the cap is to use as a measuring cup. Fill for use in the washing machine this measuring cup until the middle of the ring 60 ml and add it to the detergent in the hoofdwasmiddelbakje. For extreme soiling an additional 40 ml of dosing in the voorwasmiddelbakje. In this case, a programme run including pre-wash. HG vlekkenzout is also for the handwash to use. Please fill the cap to maatring 40 ml and dissolve this in about 5 litres of lukewarm water and add about 4 level tablespoons of normal washing powder. Then the laundry for at least 2 hours to let it soak and then rinse well with clean water.

    Good for the addition to ca. 8 washing machine - or 12 handwasbeurten.

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