HG stains & spots pre-treatment

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    A "direct active"formula, and therefore even suitable for more delicate fabrics. Packaging of 500 ml.

    HG spots and places the substrate is a "direct active" formula, and therefore even suitable for more delicate fabrics. After the injection of the stain makes the product directly to the stain regardless of the textile, so that your detergent is not worth more will have the laundry spotlessly clean. Fat kraagranden, grease, make-up stains, etc. as in the hoofdwasprogramma easily removed.

    Bring HG spots and places pre-treatment over the stains and spots, so that it fully with the product are covered. Massage the body then good, and leave a few minutes to sink in, but not drying. Then the treated laundry directly into the washing machine or hand wash according to the care label in the clothing. Can absolutely no bleach marks cause.

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