HG stains & spots pre-treatment for the white was

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    Specially developed for white textiles, ensures that the most stubborn stains can be effectively removed that the textile beautiful white. Suitable for all types of textiles. Packaging of 500 ml.

    Your white was now really spotless white, thanks to HG "spots and places pre-treatment for the white." .This particular spotter is specially developed for white textiles, with the addition of active oxygen, and optical brighteners ensures that not only the most stubborn of stains from red wine, tea, coffee, sauce, e.d. be effectively removed, but the fabric is also beautiful white. This special formula is suitable for almost all types of textiles.

    Dosing HG “stains & spots white was” over on the stains and spots, until it is fully covered. Then rub in and the laundry directly into the washing machine or hand wash according to the care label in the garment.

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