HG super force toiletreiniger

Ensures an effective removal of all probleemvervuilingen in your toilet. Packaging of 500 ml.

In each toilet can be difficult removable form deposits. Such probleemvervuiling as stubborn limescale, urinesteen or other bad removable stop, does not only apply to the inside of the toilet bowl, but also in the neck of the toilet or hidden under the edge.

Certainly the pollution under the edge ensures that the toilet never really hygiëtechnically clean, it can smell musty cause and also reduces the bowl rinse mode of the toilet. The specially developed formula of HG super force toiletreiniger attaches itself up to the surface of the toilet bowl and ensures an effective removal of all probleemvervuilingen.

Spray HG super force toiletreiniger in a flowing movement, deep under the border and into the toilet bowl. Then leave the gel on for at least 20 - 30 minutes and brush then the toilet bowl clean with a toilet brush. Rinse finally in the toilet.

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