HG vochtvanger black

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    Prevents all adverse consequences of a too high humidity, such as condensation, a musty odor, mold, wet spots, vermin and wood rot.

    The HG vochtvanger brings the relative humidity in damp rooms back to an acceptable level. As a result, all adverse effects of high humidity, such as condensation, a musty odor, mold, wet spots, vermin and wood rot are prevented.

    The HG vochtvanger works on the basis of vochtaanzuigende grains. The system is silent and works without electricity or batteries. The applied, round moisture-catch-grains have a larger absorption surface area than the commonly used scales and by the round shape creates more space between the beads so that there is more air (with moisture) along the grains can flow.Together with the, at a as high as possible air terminal designed korrelkorf, this results in a vochtvanger that is faster, longer, and in addition, up to 1.5 times more moisture from the air extracts than comparable systems.

    Depending on the relative humidity does a HG vochtvanger with 450 grams of HG vochtvangerkorrels 2 &after; 3 months in a space of approx. 40 m3. By the handy pitcher is the disposal of the collected moisture is not a difficult job. So no spills and stains! By the double HG korrelkorf can the hands do not come into contact with the granules. You will therefore always have clean hands.

    The HG vochtvanger is ideal for the caravan, boat, shed, basement, closet, or other areas in the house. For the easy refilling of the HG vochtvanger, but also other systems, there are HG vochtvanger navulkorrels neutral and lavender, in a re-sealable bottle.

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