HG waterproof for facades

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    Ensures that water will not penetrate the facade. Therefore, the occurrence of spots of moisture, mildew, and algae growth against gone. Bottle of 1 litre.

    The ingress of rain spots on walls cause. This intrekkend moisture, atmospheric dirt, so dirty facades. This allows fungi to arise, and can also green attack on grow. If moisture inside to overdo it, can there hotel for anyone looking to the inside wall arise which, in addition, a musty air to circulate.

    By the facade to be treated with HG waterproof for facades, water can no longer penetrate the facade, making all these unwanted effects will be gone. HG waterproof for facades has been developed on the basis of the latest chemical technology, making it at least 10 years. Moreover, it is very easy to apply, and remains, the wall is just ‘breathe’.

    The surface pre-cleaning with HG tile cleaner (remover) (product 19). Remove green attack, preferably with HG green attack cleaner. HG waterproof for walls, apply with a brush, roller or pompdrukspuit. Do not handle more than 2m² in 1 time and always work from top to bottom. Apply the product in horizontal strips of, for example, left to right. Treat the surface always with 2 or more layers, until saturation is reached (preferably 2 times thinly, then 1 time a thick layer). The different layers of HG waterproof for walls always wet-on-wet application. That is to say that the previous layer is not completely dry, before the next coat is applied. Not in the sun or on warm facades to apply. Depending on the porosity of the surface to be treated, with 1 liter of 2 m to 10 m² surface to be treated.

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