HG waterproof for textile

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For the water - and dirt-repellent made of wool, cotton, linen, and all this mixed tissues. Bottle of 300 ml.

HG waterproof for textile is specially developed for wool, cotton, linen, and all this mixed tissues water - and dirt-repellent. HG waterproof for textile is among other things to use for children's clothing, rainwear, ski clothing, denim, meubelhoezen, tuinmeubelhoezen, tablecloths, and such water-, and dirt-resistant.

The treated clothing should always be clean and dry. For the handwasmethode is 6 liters of water in a bucket, done that 1 small bottle HG waterproof for textile must be added. Do the to treat clothes in the bucket and roll for 15 minutes regularly. Hereinafter, the clothes, rinse with cold water, hang and let dry.

If there is chosen to wear the clothes in the washing machine to deal, the bontwasprogramma at 40°C without pre-wash to be set. Do not add fabric softener. Start the program and add after approximately 15 seconds, HG waterproof for textile through the wasmidelbakje to the flowing water. The program is completely finished and the clothes on as usual let it dry.

preferably, the clothing before it is completely dry. This reinforces namely the operation of HG waterproof for textile. This is true both for the hand - as the machinewasmethode. For umbrellas, parasols, sheets and the like, and 100% synthetic fibers, HG water, oil, grease and dirt close for textiles recommended.

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