HGX environmentally friendly pellets against snails

For the control of slugs and snails. Consists of 100% natural strooikorrels. Pack of 400 grams.

There are two groups of slugs and snails: slugs and fossils. In particular, the slugs can be very large (hog)damage to the soft parts of your ornamental plants and vegetables.

helps combat these voracious snails, therefore, quickly, safely and effectively with HGX environmentally friendly pellets against slugs and snails. This product consists of 100% natural strooikorrels that kills the slugs and snails in their natural hiding place so that there is no slimy slakkenresten stay behind. HGX natural grains against snails has a long duration of action and is absolutely harmless to other animals and pets.

as soon As slag or slakkenvraat is observed, the grains evenly between the plants in straw. Slakkenseizoen: march to mid-October.

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