HGX mierenlokdoos - 2 stuks

For the control of ants. Pack of 2 lokdozen.

The HGX mierenlokdoos is a very effective way to be redeemed of those pesky ants. The ants take namely the active substance from the lokdoos to the nest, causing the ants in the nest are killed. The HGX mierenlokdoos is therefore also a very clean method to ants to fight, and both indoor and outdoor use.

Remove the foil to the lokdoos and open the 4 tabs to break off. Then, place the HGX mierenlokdoos in a sheltered place where a lot of ants avoid, for example, a mierenstraat on the spot where the ants are entering the house.

Use biocides safely. Read vóór first, use the label and product information.

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