HGX spray tegen bladluizen

For the control of aphids. Aerosol can of 400 ml.

HGX spray against aphids is a unique product that this the bladluisferomoon e-&o with stroke;-farnesene. This substance is in the nature by the lice issued in case of danger. They warn each other with the fabric. By the plants now with this waarschuwingsstof to spray hitting the lice in a panic. She let herself fall and store them on the flight. During this flight, they are killed by the added vegetable Pyrenthrum extract, a natural ingredientsënt which from the flower of the Chrysanthemum flower is won.

shake Well before use. Mist at about a distance of 35 cm evenly on the entire plant. Mist the underside of the leaf. Make sure there are no drops shapes of the leaves unroll. The blurring of open flowers to avoid. The treatment, if necessary, repeat.

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