Pattex siliconekit tiles & ceramic white - 300 ml.

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A azijnzuurhoudende voegkit which is very suitable for the sealing of joints in wet areas. Tube of 300 ml.

This voegkit adheres to all sanitary surfaces (tiles, ceramics, porcelain, metal, enamel, aanbouwmeubelen, etc.) unless it is made of plastic. Pattex Sanitairkit for tiles and ceramics is equipped with additives that black staining slows down. For kunststofondergronden (e.g. acryllic bath tubs or acrylic sinks) Pattex Acrylbad and Shower is recommended.


  • application Temperature: + 5°C to + 40°C
  • Temperature resistance: - 30°C to + 120°C
  • Huidvormingstijd: approx. 15 min
  • setting Time: approx. 2 mm per day
  • Total allowable deformation: 25%
  • Consumption for a triangular insert of 6x6mm: 300ml =15m add


For joints in sanitary conditions:

  • bath Tubs
  • Tegelmuren
  • Walls and sinks
  • Floors and toilet

Strong adhesion to:

  • Ceramics
  • Email
  • tiles
  • Porcelain


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