Perfax behangplaksel metyl special - 200 grams

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For extra heavy and special wallpaper. Extra strong and unspotted and not lumpy. With 10% extra adhesion by the Henkel MCX technology! Pack of 200 grams.

does not stain, no clumps, extra strong, well-correctable and moisture resistant. By the Henkel MCX technology (Metyl Cellulose eX(tra) has this label side playing side sticker 10% extra power making it for all kinds of heavy, extra heavy and special wallpaper, as well as Woodchip and vinyl wallpaper would be very suitable. For other wallpapers, we recommend you use a different type Nl Behangplaksel or Wandlijm.

Nl Metyl Special with MCX is kalkbestendig and therefore even suitable for use on new plaster.

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