Rubson high volume foam - 750 ml.

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    For heat, draught and sound proofing inside and outside, and for the seal of o.a. holes, joints and cracks. Packaging 750 ml.

    For heat, draught and sound proofing inside and outside. For the bridging o.a. holes, joints, cracks, cavities in walls, muurverbindingen, ceilings and roofs. For the isolation of tubes, pipes, hot - and koudwaterleidingen and electric cables. For the filling of hollow spaces. For modellandschappen and models.

    • Insulates against cold, heat and drafts
    • Captures the tensions and movements between the wall and the window frames
    • Adheres to all materials except polyethylene, teflonâ, silicone, and wet surfaces.
    • The cured foam has a predominantly closed cells
    • resistant to aging and temperature fluctuations
    • After hardening, the foam mechanically, recoat, beplakbaar and bepleisterbaar.
    • Ozonvriendelijk gas.
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