Tenco paratol tar-free black - 2.5 litre

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The fastest drying iron and betonlak, which is suitable for the protection against rust and for the protection of concrete foundations. Look, 2.5 litre (picture shows 1 litre variant).

Paratol is a fast-drying black lacquer, it attaches directly on old tar - and-roughened paint, iron, wood, stone and concrete.

Paratol is also a tried and tested equipment for masonry and concrete foundations that do not come in contact with direct sunlight.

Paratol is acid - and alkalibestendig, is easy to apply and easy to maintain. Paratol is limited zonlichtbestendig, for applications in direct sunlight, we recommend you to make use of the Tenco Tenco black or Tenco IJzercoat black

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