Universol verfreiniger - 1 litre

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    A very highly concentrated alkaline degreaser on the basis of surface-active substances and reinigingsversterkers. Bottle of 1 litre.

    The replacement for ammonia is a biodegradable superontvetter. By its composition of amphotere surface active substances is extremely safe for the skin.

    Due to the absence of harmful solvents is Universol already more than 17 years are used as verfreiniger. In addition, the its uses as an all-purpose cleaner in factories, cleaning companies, industrial kitchens etc. It can be for any kind of cleaning to be used. Universol is a verfreiniger, all-purpose cleaner and degreaser. It is non-foaming and resolves problem free all an and organic contamination on the surface need to be nagewassen.

    Due to its special composition, the surface is anti-static which will cause new pollution no chance to get themselves back to the surface to attach. This degreaser is suitable for the cleaning of surfaces for painting with alkyd resin as the water-based coatings.

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