Zwaluw Hybriseal 2PS universal sealant white - 290 ml.

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High quality universal recoat hybrid sealant. Sleeve of 290 ml.

Swallow Hybriseal 2PS is a high-quality, soft and elastic professional sealant based on hybrid technology, which is under the influence of the humidity in the air to cure to a durable, permanently elastic rubber.


Swallow Hybriseal 2PS is specially developed as a universal sealant in accordance with NEN 3576/NPR 3577 and is suitable for multi-layered, single-, insulation-, burglar-resistant and self-cleaning glass. Sealing of movement and connection joints. Sealing joints around window and door frames.

Note: Because randafdichtingen of insulating glass manufacturers in the composition can be changed, without to mention this, the tolerance of the edge seal with beglazingskitten not by the supplier of the sealant to be guaranteed. Recommendations with respect to the tolerance of beglazingskitten with the edge seal of insulating glass, so based on experience and therefore no warranty.

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