Zwaluw Mountfix-N mounting glue - 310 ml.

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Versatile, fast curing adhesive. Tube of 310 ml.

Swallow bond fix-N is a professional high quality fast curing ééncomponentlijm of synthetic rubber/resin for indoor and outdoor use. Swallow bond fix-N is a versatile gun-grade adhesive with excellent initial adhesion.

Especially if there is a waterdampbarrière is applied, new concrete and plaster to fully dry before Swallow bond fix-N. A hechtproef for use is recommended. On porous surfaces and surfaces that are difficult for dust to make its sizing is necessary.


Swallow bond fix-N can be used for bonding decorative muurplaten, wooden shelves, skirting boards, vastzetstrips for carpet and trapneuzen. Also suitable for bonding of metals, all types of wood, ceramics, concrete and stone.

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