Zwaluw Shell Tixophalte Wet Seal & Fix Bituminous Sealant - 310ml

    Bituminous adhesive and sealant. Tube of 310 ml.

    Shell Tixophalte Wet is a professional bituminous sealant and adhesive with permanent flexibility for superior adhesion. Tixophalte law is a plasto-elastic, neutral hardening mastic on the basis of a (thixotropisch) high-quality modified bitumen/rubbercomposition and contains additives, a filler, and a non-toxic and flammable solvent.


    Shell Tixophalte Wet may be used for sealing leaks and repairs, even on wet surfaces. Adhesion for all types of roofing felt, including APP - and SBS-modified membranes. For a waterproof finish of overlaps, connections and joints of eaves, chimneys, skylights and penetrations for pipes. For fixing of roof drainage systems on the roof. Connection of waterproofing layers, and other water-resistant uprisings (e.g. interior walls). Confirm overlaps of roofing felt on upright exterior walls.

    Tixophalte Wet can be applied between +5°C and +40°C. It is recommended to apply on surfaces that are clean, dry, dust - free and grease-free and no loose particles. For certain applications, in particular porous surfaces, it is recommended (bituminous primer to use. A hechtproef for use is recommended.

    Tixophalte Wet can be applied with the hand or with an air gun. If you use the tube and want to use the aluminum seal in the screw hole at the front to be entirely open. The nozzle should be slanted to be cut so that the size of the desired band Tixophalte Wet. A clean mouth is important for a uniform dose and a smooth finish.

    Achieve an adequate adhesion to a wet surface, it is important that the distance between the substrate and the nozzle is as small as possible and not more than 3 mm, so that the first suture is obtained by the water to move. If there persluchtpistolen be used, the piston and the cylinder to be well greased. Tixophalte law, in strips or item-by-item to be made, so that the solvent can easily evaporate. Ensure good ventilation during use.

    The hardening time will be influenced by factors such as temperature, type of surface, absorption behaviour of the materials and the applied film thickness of Tixophalte Wet. Immediately after the application of Tixophalte Wet is the adhesive strength sufficient for a low load. The maximum strength is achieved after curing by evaporation of the solvent. The final adhesive strength is highly dependent on the type and nature of the connection.

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