HG afzuigkapfilter degreaser

For the grease, and cleaning of afzuigkapfilters. Bottle of 500 ml.

Even the most oily metal afzuigkapfilters be fast and easy fat-free and super clean, with a HG afzuigkapfilter degreaser.By the filters easy to immerse in a solution of this flow, highly concentrated and extremely powerful cleaner dissolves the fat on its own.

HG “afzuigkapfilter degreaser” contains no lye and is therefore also safe to use on aluminum. By the filters of the hood to clean regularly will prolong the life of the extractor retains this maximum extraction capacity.

Dosing of 250 ml HG afzuigkapfilter degreaser 5 litres of warm water and let the filters about 30 minutes in this solution weeks. Then wash the filters out with lukewarm water and let them drain well. Dry finally the filters before they are returned to the extractor.

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