HG freezer 'fast' defroster

    Removes ice quickly and easily without having to switch off the freezer. Bottle of 500 ml.

    Due to growing ice, the freezer or freezer compartment becomes smaller and the energy consumption increases considerably. HG freezer 'fast' defroster removes this ice easily and super-fast without the freezer having to be switched off. The frozen food does not get the chance to defrost.

    A regular use of HG freezer 'fast' defroster limits ice formation to a minimum. This has a cost-saving effect thanks to lower energy consumption and also promotes the life of your freezer.

    Empty the freezer and remove as much loose ice as possible. Then spray the stuck ice evenly and to a large extent with HG freezer 'fast' defroster. Leave for a few minutes and remove the loosened ice. After removing the ice, dry the walls of the freezer, after which the freezer can be used again.

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