HG vacuum cleaner air freshener

Stop the scalding of dirt in the vacuum cleaner and allows for the spread of a delicious fresh air during the vacuuming. Pack of 180 grams.

vacuum Cleaners can be quite smelly because of the dirt, under normal use, for a long time in the get or stofopvangbak (for bagless vacuum cleaners) and therefore stale and “acid” can go to smell. Because the flow of air during the vacuuming constant along the vacuumed dirt is going to come of this stale, “sour” air via the air outlet of the vacuum cleaner to the outside. Especially pet hair, even in the regularly interchanging of the get or emptying of the stofopvangbak, a source of the stench.

HG vacuum-air - verfrisser stop the “heat” is already in the get or stofopvangbak and ensures that the vacuum cleaner while vacuuming a delicious fresh air will spread. Use the bottle cap as a measuring cap and fill 4 caps to the brim with HG vacuum-air - verfrisser. Empty the bottle caps on the floor, then vacuum the beads on the mouth of the vacuum cleaner.

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