Zwaluw Acryl Anti-Crack acrylic sealant white - 310 ml.

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    Unique acrylic sealant that prevents painting problems. Tube of 310 ml.

    Zwaluw Acryl Anti-Crack is a high-quality acrylic sealant that, in particular, can be applied to be painted over with high filled and high covering acrylic paints. Thanks to its unique composition it minimizes cracking of the paint and discoloration of the paint film.


    Zwaluw Acryl Anti-Crack is specially developed for the sealing of connection joints between window sills, stairs, ceilings, walls, skirting boards, wooden and metal frames, concrete, masonry and filling of cracks, gaps, nail and screw holes in walls, partitions and ceilings of wood, stucco, plaster, stone, concrete, etc.

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